It is never too early to think about filing exempt trade reports for investment fund issuers that file on an annual basis. Investment funds that have relied on specified prospectus exemptions under National Instrument 45-106 Prospectus Exemptions, being the accredited investor exemption, the minimum investment of $150,000 (for non-individual purchasers) and the exemption for additional investment in investment funds, must file by no later than January 30, 2024. As in past years, the process of completing the forms and calculating the fees can be quite time consuming and should be started well in advance of the deadlines. This is particularly true in 2024 as many filers may not have a completed SEDAR+ profile which must be created and verified in order to complete the filings, and the profile also takes a significant amount of time to set up. We would be pleased to help you with this process – please contact us as soon as possible if you anticipate requiring assistance.

November 30, 2023