On August 12, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) released proposed amendments to the Companion Policy to National Instrument 41-101 General Prospectus Requirements that provides an interpretation of the financial statements that are required to be included in a long form prospectus where the issuer has or proposes to acquire a business that would be the primary business of the issuer. The existing requirements are intended to provide investors with information on the financial history of the issuer, even if the issuer’s history included multiple legal entities. In practice, many issuers have pre-filing consultation discussions with the regulators to determine exactly which financial statements are required to be included in the prospectus, which is a time consuming and costly exercise. The clarifications are intended to reduce the need for such consultations, including by explaining the regulators’ interpretation of a “primary business” and “predecessor entity”, and the time periods for which financial statements would be required. Helpfully, the proposed amendments include a number of examples of when a reasonable investor would consider an acquisition to be the “primary business” of the issuer and runs through the resulting expectations for inclusion of various financial statements. Comments on the proposed guidance are due by October 11.

August 31, 2021