On June 1, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) issued an update announcing that the much anticipated launch of SEDAR+ was being postponed, with a revised launch date of July 25, 2023, and a contingency date of September 12, 2023. To ensure that organizations have sufficient time to prepare, the CSA has indicated that they will confirm a go-live date shortly.

While the launch of SEDAR+ has been delayed, the CSA opted to keep the pre-launch onboarding window closed. As such, filers who have already completed their onboarding remain well prepared for the launch, while those who did not make the pre-launch onboarding deadline will need to register for SEDAR+ after the platform is up and running. The flat-fee model originally announced in March was not included in the postponement and thus came into effect on June 9, applying to all SEDAR and National Registration Database (NRD) filings moving forward.

June 30, 2023