On June 1, 2021, amendments to the regulations under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act took effect. The amendments to the regulations were accompanied by revised and new FINTRAC guidance dated June 1, 2021. The amendments have the effect of closing gaps in the existing rules and addressing technological developments. Portfolio managers and exempt market dealers should review the revised guidance, consider if their policies and procedures should be updated and consider if their account opening forms should be revised.

By way of example only, the following are certain areas on which portfolio managers and exempt market dealers should focus attention. First, there is a new requirement to report a large virtual currency transaction, which should be reflected in a firm’s written policies and procedures. Second, the scope of the definitions of politically exposed persons and heads of international organizations was changed and there is a new requirement to gather the phone number of anyone uncovered during a third-party determination, which can both impact account opening forms. Finally, there is more prescriptive guidance in respect of beneficial ownership of entities and ongoing monitoring, which could warrant a change in how a firm conducts account monitoring.

June 30, 2021