In this bulletin:

  1. CSA Extends Deadline to Implement Conflicts-Related Client-Focused Reforms by 6 Months
  2. CSA and FSRA Extend Timeline for Implementing Changes to Syndicated Mortgages Regime
  3. Cyber-Security During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
  4. Get Ready to Report Suspicious Transactions “As Soon As Practicable”
  5. OSC Revises Certain Registration Processes as Part of Its Burden Reduction Initiative

FAQ Corner:Can our firm use electronic signatures for subscription documents, investment management agreements and similar agreements with the firm’s clients?

In Brief: OSC Temporarily Waives Late Fees for All Market Participants ▪ CSA Temporarily Increases Short-Term Borrowing Limits for Mutual Funds ▪ OSC Scales Back Its Consultation on Business Priorities ▪ Regulators Plan Three-Year Moratorium on Trade Matching Exception Reporting

News & Events: AUM Law Participates in CAASA Podcast and Webinar ▪ Lexology Awards

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