In this bulletin:

  1. RegTech 24/7 – OSC Releases First Report on TestLab
  2. What’s on the AMF’s Agenda this Year? 2023-2024 Annual Statement of Priorities Published
  3. It’s Business Plan Season – FSRA’s Annual Plan
  4. BCSC Annual Report Card Illuminates Issues with Conflicts

In Brief: Not a Fee Holiday – FSRA Consults on Fee Rule Once Again ▪ An Extra Long Weekend – SEDAR+ Filing Extensions Granted ▪ OSC Investor Advisor Panel Report Focuses on Citizen (AKA Investor) Protection ▪ Ensuring Your Audits are Regal – FSRA Releases Proposed Guidance for Mortgage Administrators

Reminders: Training Opportunities – Avoid the Fireworks! ▪ Long Live SEDAR+ Onboarding

BLG’s Resource Corner

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