In this bulletin:

  1. Changes to Offering Memorandum Prospectus Exemption – Will New Issues be Grounded?
  2. Ontario’s Exempt Market (But Not Penguins) See Continued Growth
  3. FSRA Announces Consultation on Proposed Guidance on IT Risk Management – Filtering Out the Salt
  4. Can’t Stay on an Island – CSA Publishes Amendments Relating to Institutional Trade Matching and Settlement

In Brief: Not All Penguins Are Short: Short Selling in Canada Consultation ▪ Review of IIROC Arbitration Program – No Camouflage ▪ A Little Breathing Room – FSRA Announces Additional Time to Comply with Title Protection Framework in Ontario ▪ All Things Endangered – AMF Proposes DSC Ban for Segregated Funds ▪ Penguins Can’t Complain – AMF Re-Releases Draft Regulation on Complaint Processing

Important Reminders: New Year’s Survey: Investment Fund Managers

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