In this bulletin:

  1. Updates on Amendments re Syndicated Mortgages
  2. FINTRAC Publishes Guidance on Politically Exposed Persons and Heads of International Organizations
  3. ASC Notice and Request for Comment re Blanket Order 31-536 Alberta Small Business Finder’s Exemption
  4. CSA Multilateral Notice and Request for Comment re Proposed Order 45-539 Small Business Financing
  5. CSA Publishes Guidance on Crypto-Asset Trading Platforms

In Brief: Alberta and Saskatchewan Adopt Self-Certified Investor Prospectus Exemption ▪ FSRA Publishes First Quarterly Report Scorecard on Service Standards ▪ Expansion of Ontario Securities Commission’s Mandate ▪ Lawsuit Against Ontario Securities Commission Can Proceed ▪ Disclosure Expectations for Crypto Asset Reporting Issuers ▪ Regulatory Penalties in British Columbia Not Discharged Through Bankruptcy ▪ Alberta Eliminates Director Residency Requirements

News: AUM Law Speaks at PMAC Conference

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