In this bulletin:

  1. Everything’s Derivative: Canadian Securities Regulators Adopt Amendments to Derivatives Clearing Rules
  2. Now You See Me: New Ownership Transparency Requirements for Private Ontario Corporations
  3. Not Just a Status Update: New AML Requirements Applicable to Portfolio Managers and Dealers
  4. Cover Me: Recent Proposed Regulatory Reforms to Protect Investors in Insurance Products

In Brief: Sweeps, Sweeps and More Sweeps ▪ CSA Updates its Review on Disclosure Regarding Women on Boards ▪ European Developments – SDR and SRD

FAQ Corner: Investing Clients’ Assets Into Crypto ▪ Preparing Account Statements and Reports on a “Household” Basis ▪ Registered Firm Conducting a Suitability Determination at a “Household” Level

Important Reminders: Reassess Application of “Business Trigger” as Business Activities Change

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