We would like to congratulate the following AUM Law clients for their outstanding investment performance, which was recognized at the 16th Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards

  • IP Asset Management Inc. (AIP Convertible Private Debt Fund LP)
  • Ewing Morris & Co. (Broadview Dark Horse LP)
  • GFI Investment Counsel Ltd. (GFI Good Opportunities Fund)
  • Picton Mahoney Asset Management (Picton Mahoney Special Situations Fund, Picton Mahoney Market Neutral Equity Fund, and Picton Mahoney Arbitrage Plus Fund)
  • Quintessence Wealth (Quintessence Wealth Enhanced Private Debt/Equity Fund)
  • RP Investment Advisors LP (RP Select Opportunities Fund)

Also, congratulations to Alternative IQ and Julie Makepeace for again hosting an evening that celebrates success, hard work and collegiality in the hedge fund industry!

October 31, 2023