Diversity and Inclusion

AUM Law strives to create an inclusive environment that leverages our differences, allowing us to learn from each other.  We welcome and aim to support individuals from all backgrounds, where we respect race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, abilities, social perspective and other characteristics.

At AUM Law, we seek to promote and maintain an environment where our people feel valued, respected and included, where everyone has the chance to develop their skills and knowledge, and where our different and unique perspectives enable us to work effectively as a team to provide excellent client service. Our commitment to developing, implementing and maintaining practices and strategies to enhance equality, diversity and inclusion at AUM Law applies to all stages of the employment life cycle: recruitment, retention, and advancement.

Our organization includes employees from various backgrounds. Our commitment to an equal, diverse and inclusive culture is visible within our team.  We are proud that over half of our work force are women. Our people create our culture.

AUM Law is committed to maintain and nurture a culture where there is a deep sense of uniqueness, belonging and empowerment. We continue to move each day forward with the diverse voices of our employees. At AUM Law, we value positive work-life balance and we strive to promote an environment that enables flexibility and versatility.