In this bulletin:

  1. Supreme Court Says “Yes” to the CCMRS
  2. Government Advised to Leverage the Securities Industry to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
  3. BCSC Releases Compliance Report Card for Registrants
  4. OSC Publishes Exempt Market Report for 2017
  5. ASC Launches a Whistleblower Regime
  6. CSA Warns Issuers to Curb Their Enthusiasm
  7. Fumble or Touchdown: It’s Up to You

In Brief: Let’s Sing from the Same Song Sheet: FSB Publishes a Cyber Lexicon ● IOSCO Looking at Leverage in Investment Funds ● CSA Shines Spotlight on ETF Facts

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Click the link to access our bulletin summarizing these recent developments. >> AUM Law Bulletin – Happy Hanukkat – November 2018