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In Brief: Outside Business Activities: A Few Instances to Remember ● Form 33-109F5 Requirement for Cryptocurrencies ● MiFID II Unbundling Requirements: Impact (or lack thereof) in the Canadian Markets  ● Less CASL Hassle ● Update on CCIR Segregated Fund Working Group Position Paper

  1. For Best Execution, Good May Not Be Good Enough
  2. A Stern Warning to Registrants Regarding OBSI Obligations
  3. Cybersecurity: Why Director Involvement is so Important
  4. Prohibiting Cluster Munitions Act: A Cause for Concern?
  5. European Privacy Laws are Changing: Do They Apply to Your Firm?
  6. Re: Marek – Who is Your Client?

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Click the link to access our bulletin summarizing these recent developments. >> AUM Law Bulletin – Trees and Triffids – December 2017