Happy Ed Balls Day!

On this day in 2011, former British MP Ed Balls accidentally tweeted his own name while shopping for the ingredients for his famous 12 hour pulled pork recipe. Twitter exploded, with hundreds of people re-tweeting his mistake, making Ed Balls an instant viral sensation. To add insult to injury, Ed did not delete the tweet once he realized his mistake, as he “did not know you could”. Today marks the 6th anniversary of Ed Balls Day, with festivities including countless memes from our friends across the pond as well as a commemorative “Ed Balls” tweet from the man himself at 4:20 BST.

While Ed Balls’ misfire ultimately ended on a high note, Canadian businesses who fail to think before they hit send may not find their resulting situation too funny. With the private right of action for CASL violations coming into force on July 1st, a solid CASL Compliance Program is more important than ever. We will explore this and much more in this month’s AUM Law Bulletin.

In this bulletin:

In Brief:   U.S. Regulatory Sanctions Now Consider Victims’ Vulnerability  ●  Greater Cybersecurity Co-operation Recommended by the CSA  ●  New Procedural Rules and Guidelines Proposed by the OSC

  1. The CASL Clock is Ticking
  2. The Ontario Budget and Financial Sector Scrutiny – Syndicated Mortgages, Best Interest Standard and Much More…
  3. CSA Publishes Proposed Business Conduct Rules for Derivatives Dealers and Advisers
  4. CSA Proposes Binary Options Trading Ban

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Click the link to access our bulletin summarizing these recent developments. >> AUM Law Bulletin Think Before You Press Send April 2017