Did you know… Cult icon Christopher Walken was born on this day in 1943? Known for his diverse range of roles in classics such as Pulp Fiction and The Deer Hunter, perhaps Walken’s most famous role remains record producer Bruce Dickinson in SNL’s VH1 “More Cowbell” skit. Continuing with the musical theme, Walken famously danced his way through the iconic Weapon of Choice music video, which VH1 anointed Best Video of All Time.

In this month’s Bulletin we will explore the OSC’s current “weapon of choice”, or no contest settlements. We will also take a look at the OSC’s Statement of Priorities, highlights from the 2017 Federal Budget, and much more!

In this bulletin:

In Brief:   OBSI’s Expanding Powers and Increasing Complaints  ●  Climate Change on the CSA’s Agenda  ●  Blockchain-Based Models May Trigger Registration Requirements

  1. OSC No-Contest Settlements: To Settle or Not to Settle
  2. 2017 Federal Budget and Mutual Fund Corporations
  3. Waverley – The Long Awaited Commission Decision
  4. OSC Releases its Draft Statement of Priorities
  5. New Compliance Guidance for CRS and FATCA

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Click the link to access our bulletin summarizing these recent developments. >> AUM Law Bulletin Weapon of Choice March 2017