No, we’re not referring to the iconic Swedish vampire thriller of the same name (though we at AUM Law highly recommend it on this All Hallows’ Eve). While this film will give you chills, we’re willing to bet that it’s the fear of letting the wrong ones into your computer systems that keeps you up at night.

There is good reason to worry, as recent revelations surrounding the not so recent Yahoo hacks have demonstrated, not to mention the high-profile security and privacy woes of Ashley Madison. We will examine these and other chilling developments (while paying homage to our favorite frightening flicks) in our annual Halloween edition of the AUM Law Bulletin.

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  1. Invasion of the Data Snatchers – Yahoo and the Biggest Cyber Breach…Ever?
  2. The Uninvited – Ashley Madison’s Unwanted Guests
  3. It Follows – How to Escape the Shadow of Director’s Liability
  4. When a Stranger Calls (or Emails…) – Kellogg’s CASL Hassle
  5. Angels (not Demons) – AngelList’s New LaunchPad
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Click the link to access our bulletin summarizing these recent developments. >> AUM Law Bulletin – Let The Right One In – October 2016