With ancient Celtic roots, Halloween originated as a harvest festival marking the beginning of winter, a time that the Celts believed opened the link between the living and the dead. The ancient ghouls, fairies and demons have persisted through time, to form part of the more light-hearted celebration we know today.

As we draw nearer to All Hallows’ Eve, we have harvested the most significant developments from the fields of securities and regulatory law – some of these are tricky, none are a treat!

  1. OSC Adopts Whistleblower Policy
  2. New Offering Memorandum Exemption
  3. Annual Participation Fees Due December 1
  4. Registration Deadline for FATCA Extended
  5. Information is a Key Asset: How Are You Protecting It?
  6. CSA Publishes Report on Mutual Fund Fees
  7. Update on Reports of Exempt Distribution
  8. Are You Pre-Clearing Your Employees’ Social Media Activity?

Click the link to access our bulletin summarizing these developments. >> AUM Law Bulletin Tomb It May Concern October 2015