In this bulletin:

  1.  Shining a Spotlight on Fees – Total Cost Reporting is Here
  2.  Kicking Off a New Regime – Application for Recognition of New Self-Regulatory Organization
  3.  Investor Protection Funds in the Limelight – Application for Approval of the New Investor Protection Fund

In Brief: Amendments Relating to the Transition for Québec Mutual Fund Dealers to the New SRO – The Plot Thickens ▪ CSA Staff Notice 25-503 – 2021 CSA Annual Activities Report on the Oversight of Self-Regulatory Organizations and Investor Protection Funds – The Show Must Go On ▪ Encouraging Dialogue – FSRA’s New Whistle-Blower Program: Enhanced Protection in the Non-Securities Financial Services and Pensions Sectors

Important Reminders: Modernizing Registration Information Requirements, Clarifying Outside Activity Reporting and Updating Filing Deadlines ▪ Update Your SEDAR Profile – It’s Crunch Time

FAQ Corner: CFR FAQ – The Sequel

BLG’s Resource Corner

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