In this bulletin:

  1. Getting More for Less – OSC Proposes Amendments to Fee Rule
  2. Third Time Lucky? The Latest on the CSA’s Derivatives Business Conduct Rule
  3. The CSA Proposes Modernizing Prospectus Filings for Investment Funds
  4. Wrapped, Tied and Tangled – OSC Consultation on Tied Selling and Other Anti-Competitive Practices in the Capital Markets
  5. Chim Cher-ee – OSC Product Review Sweep on the Restriction of Sales of Third-Party Investment Products
  6. My Name Is: Some Slim News on Not-so Shady Titles
  7. Changes to the Outside Business Activities (OBAs) Framework
  8. CSA Publishes Amendments to the Rules on Oversight of Foreign Audit Firms Performing Audits of Canadian Public Issuers

In Brief: CSA Releases New Guidance for Funds on ESG-Related DisclosureNothing to Complain About – Regulators Propose Additional Amendments Regarding Complaint-Handling ProceduresBlowing the Whistle – FCAC Consults on Proposed Whistleblower Guidelines  ▪ CSA’s Proposed Investor Advisory Panel

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