In this bulletin:

  1. CSA Publishes FAQ Guidance on Client-Focused Reforms
  2. OSC’s CRR Branch Publishes Its Annual Report on Registrants
  3. CSA Proposes Changes to Offering Memorandum Prospectus Exemption
  4. CSA Ban on Certain Trailing Commissions to Take Effect in June 2022
  5. CSA Publishes Liquidity Risk Management Guidance for IFMs
  6. Get Your Updated Copy of Mortgage Investment Corporations in a Nutshell

In Brief: FSRA Consults on Service Standards ▪ OSFI Consults on Core Principles for Operational Resilience in a Digital World ▪ FSRA Fines Fortress for Operating without a License

Click the link to access a PDF of our full, monthly bulletin summarizing these recent developments. >> Monthly Bulletin | Roll up Your Sleeves Edition | September 2020