In this bulletin:

  1. OSC Finalizes 2021-2022 Statement of Priorities
  2. OSC’s CRR Branch Publishes its Annual Report on Registrants
  3. CSA Announces Plans to Create a New Self-Regulatory Organization
  4. Policies and Procedures Change Required – CSA Finalizes Rules Protecting Vulnerable Clients
  5. Consultation on Strengthening Canada’s External Complaint Handling System in Banking
  6. Ontario’s Title Protection Framework – Have Your Say on Fees
  7. Titles, Titles and More Titles: Saskatchewan and New Brunswick Consider Title Protection Regimes
  8. CSA Proposes a New Prospectus Exemption for Canadian-Listed Issuers

In Brief: Has the OSC Asked You for Documents? OSC Publishes Guidance on Enforcement Investigations and Document Production ▪ CDCC and IIROC Propose Amendments Relating to Futures Segregation and Portability ▪ FSRA Proposes Approach Guidance for Publication of Enforcement Proceedings ▪ CSA Proposes Amendments to Guidance for Financial Statements in Long Form Prospectuses

FAQ Corner: What’s Next for the CFRs? CFR Phase II Checklist

BLG’s Resource Corner

Click the link to access a PDF of our full, monthly bulletin summarizing these recent developments. >> Monthly Bulletin | Heatwave Edition | August 2021